Bees For Trees: Raw Honey

Small: ₡ 3000 // Medium: ₡ 4,200 // Large: ₡ 6,200

Made in Paraiso. This organization promotes organic farming, helping small local farmers take advantage of sustainable economic opportunity. … Read More


NuNu Bars: Energy Bars


Made in San Jose. Gluten free, raw, healthy and delicious. … Read More


Ricante Sauces


Made in Avellanas. These sauces are made with all local and natural ingredients. Several great flavors to choose from. … Read More


ECOCO: Coconut Oil

Small: ₡1,900 // Medium: ₡ 6,000 // Large: ₡18,000

Made in the Central Pacific region (Parrita). ECOCO is a virgin coconut oil obtained from fresh ripe coconuts through a cold extraction process without being refined, bleached or hydrogenated. Contains no cholesterol or trans fats, it is great for cooking, skin treatment, … Read More


Alegria: Soaps


Made in Tamarindo. Made from all local and organic ingredients, these great smelling soaps have essential nutrients and minerals to revitalize your skin and keep it healthy. … Read More


Cerro del Fuego Coffee

Small: ₡3,000 // Large: ₡11,000

Made in Terrazu. The Terrazu region is to Costa Rican Coffee what the Napa Valley region is to wine. This organic, fair trade coffee is generally considered the best in Costa Rica.     … Read More




Made in Grecia. No fluorides. … Read More


Sibu: Chocolate


Made in San Jose. Craft chocolate made with totally organic, local ingredients. … Read More


Chocoatal: Chocolate

Small ₡1,250 // Large: ₡2,000

Made in Tamarindo. Small batch, locally harvested ingredients. Organic and Eco-Sustainable. … Read More


Rain Forrest Water

Small: ₡800 // Large: ₡1,300

Just what it sounds like. … Read More


Biamonte Cheese

From ₡2,300 to ₡4,000 for different varieties

Made in Coronado, this artisanal Goat Cheese is among the best cheese in Costa Rica. Totally organic from free range , grass fed animals. Queso Maduro: Aged 90 days  Cadabria: A soft goat cheese with a mold shell  Moravia: Farm fresh goat cheese, glaze in Mora (Costa … Read More


Rancho Avellanas: Goat Cheese and Yogurt

Feta : ₡3,750 // Greek Yogurt : ₡3,500-7,000 // Keifer Yogurt : ₡3,500

Made in Avellanas.  Goats are fed an incredibly healthy diet and are free range. The farm is family owned and one of the most well respected in the country. This organic goat cheese is among the freshest available. … Read More


Hofmann Meats and Fish

From ₡2,000 to ₡4,000

Made in Alajuela, these are traditional smoked meats, fish, sausage and brats. They specialize in farm to production, with all pigs being grass fed and free range. Breakfast Sausage  Bratwurst  Bavarian Bratwurst  Mortadella Ham  Smoked Ham (Like Prosciutto or … Read More


Real Food : Grains

Granola: ₡ 3,750 // Chia Seeds: ₡ 4,200

Made in San Jose. Local, organic, healthy and raw. We carry their Granola and Chia seeds.   … Read More


Bella Bucha : Kombucha


This fermented tea, made in Samara, contains live natural probiotics, amino acids, anti-oxidants, B vitamins and enzymes. Made with black, white or green tea, raw sugar and kombucha culture. … Read More